NAPALMED unofficial distribution


  • based on the mutual help of stuff spreading...
  • was focused on different formats such as CDs, vinyls, good produced D.I.Y. stuff, pro-done cassettes, video tapes, zines, ... now distro deal mostly/mainly w/pro-pressed cds, vinyls, and excelent produced cd-rs.
  • main focus is directed to noise / industrial / experimental / ... items, but not problem here with other extreme sorts of music as weird rock / jazzy impromptu / grind core / nervous hard core / brutal death metal / hyper crust core / extreme electro things / minimal / ethno / etc...
  • cool prices, but trades are welcomed and preffered
  • distribution list is available online or sould be sent via e-mail as a pure text.
  • all orders/answers are returned as soon as possible from the day of recieving your letter/order
  • Logo made by Petr Havlik. Idea by RadeK.K. (download 2kB)

Radek Kopel, Lipova 1123, 434 01 Most, CZECH REPUBLIC
napalmail ; napalweb