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  • 19.06.2008
    Napalmed distribution is available on the new website All sections are freshly updated | CD | VINYL | CASSETTE |

  • 01.04.2008
    Long, really long time no updates here. World wide web's world is intense and variable, all is changed at every moment. We lost webhosting at so we actually move at (english) and at (czech). We also work on new official website presentation under, but it will takes some time.

  • 27.11.2006
    Napalmed distribution is available on the new website Distro list is freshly updated there | CD | VINYL | CASSETTE |


  • 26.11.2006
    To be presented on several places, we become a member of MYSPACE.COM. We found new "friends", contacts and also old pals started communication.
  • 12.08.2006
    NAPALMED band will be presented on the brandnew website NAPALMED.VIRTUALSERVER.CZ. You could find band's news there, same as actual recordings from 'schoolschebna', live performances and other. Space is relatively wide so we will see what happened.
  • 07.08.2006
    cover U.K. based label LO-FI OR DIE rex released before some time full-lenght 12" LP vinyl album of NAPALMED called "Strident Abrasive Auricular Erosion". At sound database you could listen minute samples and/or one full track over 10-years-old harsh noises. Ask Minzo for details and reserve your copy. Price is £10.
    Few strange words about this excelent designed wax: "at last! th best of Napalmed's early recordings remastered from cassette! th recent stuff from Radek although admittedly super harsh has been boring as fuk, but th old material is some of th most versatile Noize we have experienced! Field-Recordings, Freefall, Sour-Milk, Industrial, Stratiform and of course lashings and lashings of harsh pulsing Stridor! very odd unexemplified inquisitive + so versatile and so wierd? i mean what th fuk are trying 2 tell us Radek? who is this guy? apparently he talks 2 machines then translates there shit back through Noize? verbocious imbercile or mechanical revolutinary? 4 sure HARSH AS FUK super varied and essential 2 ANYBODY in2 harsh Noize/PowerElektronix!!! 13 trax! - 13 trax uv polymerous, very varied an ultra harsh Noize frum Napalmed's early days! comes in th most extravagant packaging we have ever done!"

  • 05.07.2006
    LONG AWAITED INFO! > After so long time of hibernation, silence and waiting NAPALMED rises up. Two new members were found. Both names are Martin again (the third and fourth), so we can continue the torture of listeners' ears. Actual line-up promises 'improvised industrial intensity', which flow around on both, schoolshebna and stage. To continue the chaos, we will use various names and logos in the future, so don't be afraid of NAPALMEDUO, NAPALMETRIO, NAPALMIX, NAPALMIECH, NAPALMEGA, NAPALMEDRTITCH, NAPALMEDRTINA and may be others.
    As we got many objects and equipment we are based in the rehearsal space called "Schoolschebna". We will record new sound pieces, and mainly save there tons of metal junk, iron garbage and huge portion of electronix. Let's taste new vibrations from 'Live perfomance' on MASSACRE NIGHT VOL.2 fest, from 1.7.2006 in Vysoka Pec near Chomutov. I. [26 MB] | II. [5 MB] | III. [4 MB] | IV. [300 KB] |.
    It seems we won't release new items as a normal editions, but upload them on internet for free. Only some of them will be presented as small edition series (5-10 copies) for collector freax, friends and other maniacs.

  • 09.06.2005 obal NAPALMED label co-released second album of the ZDARR band from Most town. It is named "Dar" (A gift). As the first debut album "Zdar" (1993) was, this is packaged in paper cover too. This time pretty nice Digipak, inc. three panel booklet w/photos & lyrics (sadly in Czech only). It is 1000 copies edition. Music is similiar to debut: strong uncommercial-melodies, multi-voice singing, accordeons, saxes, many percussion stuff, unusual musical ideas at the edges of folk, chanson, various ethnic feelings, rocking energy and many more. Band members called their style "Open Accoustic Fussion". Buy both albums for really low, special price!!!
  • 07.05.2005
    cover NPLMD/NAPALMED is simple title of brandnew item, which closed era of the old band and open space for the new project. Usual listener may be not hear the difference, but there are some, due to the fact of new equipment (mix + mics). You can listen MP3s, as well as buy extra packaged CD-R and support following life of the project.

  • 29.01.2005


    So things are clear now. Because of many facts (technical, human and personal) I stop live performances at the end of last year. I thought about deleting all NAPALMED activities, but as I don't want to (k)ill my ego, pissed off few fans around the world, plus those who hate us shoud be happy so I still run unofficial distribution and label too. A band, as you know it, doesn't exist anymore. But please note, if you are interested in recordings from archive, re-editions, unreleased items or licenses feel free to contact me. The one and only homesite NAPALWEB will be there for your pleasure and information. Many pictures, photos, words as well as news wait in the huge archive. The old e-mail address was stopped (because of fucking spam too). If you are still interested in distro, label or release something of NAPALMED, drop a line here.

    I will continue my sound experiments with new project NPLMD (could be varied as -N-P-L-M-D-, /N/P/L/M/D/, • N • P • L • M • D •, or others). Simple to say, no other members, no borders, no cliches, no waves, no forms. Endless space of aural fantasy is waiting, but I'm afraid of my own limits. I will see what happen, but for sure I will try to continue the line of sound quality and production itself. Please be patient, conception and new website, both are not finalised yet.


  • 03.01.2005
    cover NPLMD/BP - Live collaboration (2x cze, #35, noise experimental) CD-R 5,- Euro

  • 24.12.2004
    cover Some evil sounded, but positive minded noises of NAPALMED were used for the debut album 'Human: Earth Parasite' of the new band on the scene SMASHED FACE. This enhanced CD with video part and over 400 photos, was released by two czech labels NICE TO EAT YOU (NTEY 010) and RADIATION NOISE (RNP CD 002). You can listen to extreme vocals, brutal riffs, fast drums, groovy melodies. 9 trax, 30 minutes of technical death metal in the US vein of brutality. Ask band or labels for trades and promo package.

  • 09.12.2004
    cover Brandnew CD compilation called "BISHAMON" is finally out now. Very nice designed "digipak" includes following bands: RYOKUCHI, BATHTUB SHITTER, STUBBORN FATHER, PENUMBRA, S.A.A.G., EARWAX, BIRUSHANAH (all Japan), CREATION IS CRUCIFICTION, 7000 DYING RATS (USA), METRONOME CHARISMA (France), ZANN (Germany), VAGINAL CARNAGE (Australia) and of course NAPALMED. To present complete info, this sampler if fourth release of small japanee label S.M.D records. 20 copies of edition are available here only for Euro 10,-. If you are into trade ask label itself.

  • 01.12.2004

    Here is short list of new and actual available releases with Napalmed's sounds on stock. Prices here are in Euros. To pay in US$ ask me via e-mail.
    cover cover cover cover cover cover cover cover
    GRIDE - 1996-2003 (49/63", fast gride core as fuck, complete discography + tons of photos, videos, etc.) ENHANCED-CD 8.-
    v/a FIVE OR MORE WAYS TO BECOME A SERIAL KILLER (5 bands/68 trax/79", noisecore, electrocore, industrial) CD-R 6,-
    NAPALMED - ImproNoiseMont. (2/45", ltd. 170, two live performances of spontaneous industrial/noise) VIDEO-CD/VHS 8,- nebo DVD 10,-
    v/a QUOTIDIAN ASSEMBLAGES #4 (12 bands/51", ) CD-R 6,-
    NAPALMED - moozAzoom (13/66", one effector improvisation, intense and colourful) CD-R 6,-
    NAPALMED - Ambi-End (3/38", strange sounded harsh gloomy soundscapes) CD-R 4,-
    NAPALMED - ZoomooZ (10/48", variable electronics on one effector) CD-R 6,-
    NAPALMED - Powel erex (12/71", colour A5 booklet, power electronics as fuck - not boring!) CD-R 7,-
    v/a SMOLDERING HUMANITY (15 bands/32 trax/62", ltd. 300, last two copies) CD-R 6,-
    NAPALMED - Komblex (17/73", luxus A5 package) CD-R 7,-
    NAPALMED / MERZBOW - Crash of the titans (6/74", ltd 500+500, last few copies) CD 10,-
    Never mind the MSBR, here's the NAPALMED (2/72", extra package, ltd 1000, last copies) CD 8,-
    NAPALMED - Misch Masch Miksasch (6/59", various industrial tracks with powerful but positive vibrations) CD-R 4,-
    NAPALMED - Mixes (10/35", sound manipulations with rhythmic samples) CD-R 4,-

  • 20.06.2004
    cover Soon will be out 5-way split CD-R '5 WAYS TO BECOME A SERIAL KILLER'. Disc contains GIHT SHASIE [croatia], NAPALMED [czech], GRUUTHAAGY [croatia], PAN DEMLA [czech], ELECTROCUTIONERDZ [canada] and bonus track by KARMAKUMULATOR from Croatia. At first it will released in Canada in 50 copies, cause ELECTROCUTIONERDZ are going to tour and they will use it for promotional purposes and sell it on the shows [they are doing it for their own label SWIZCORP]. Later this summer it will be released for IGNITE prod from Singapore in edition of 100 copies and in september NOIZ INKVIZITION rcds + GOROPADNIK rcds will release 100 pieces for Croatia and Europe. The guy from ELECTROCUTIONERDZ did the cover design and it will be packaged in DVD case.

  • 21.04.2004
    cover Another CD-R compilation is out. Title is QUOTIDIAN ASSEMBLAGES volume 4., and was produced by Hal MC GEE, world/known old-timer on the experimental, electronic, sound scene, on his label HALTAPES [usa]. Here is the artists list: CHEAPMACHINES [uk], ED.S [rus], Alexander ZAGORODNYI [rus], MICROWAVE WINDOWS [usa], Fred YARM [usa], Jeff SAMPSON [usa], Anne HEGE [usa], IVERSEN [nor], MARRAM [slk], NAPALMED [cze], ETSETERA [usa], Keith NICOLAY [usa. Right after this issue #5 was put out too. For orders and trades drop a line to Hal.

  • 21.04.2004
    cover Another very interesting and profesionally done release, after long time is video item of NAPALMED called 'ImproNoiseMont.'. At first you can find 15-min video projection of Petra Havlik, which was used for live performance in Most. Second there is 30" performance from ALTERNATIVA festival in Prague/Kastan club. Video was co-released by ARS MORTA UNIVERSUM and INDUSTRIAL GALLERY on three formats: VHS tape, CD-R (for PC and MAC too) + SVCD (for DVD). Each format has its own cover version. Total edition is limited to 170 copies. You could taste a minute sample [2,47 MB] of this unique release. There are another videos, inc. V-compilation 'Vision Montage' w/ the following artists on it: DAMIAN CATERA, SCHLOSS TEGAL, EINLEITUNGSZEIT vs SANGREDANS (solo too), VO.I.D., JOB KARMA, HERMAFRODIT, SKROL and part of the PRAGUE INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL. For more info and your orders wait tznd3a.

  • 21.04.2004
    cover It is really hard to simply perform american organisation For extreme portion of info visit at web-site. Zan Hoffman, center of that experimental universe is on the scene since 1983. Now one of his collaboration join NAPALMED too. It is 15 x 1 min project. We sent some recordings there, and after verz short time were done three collaboration CD-Rs: 812, 819, 823.

  • 16.03.2004
    cover MOVE YOUR ASS freezine #5 offers 36 A4 pages filled w/ actual info of punk/hardcore/oi/crust/ska scene. As a bonus you'll find enclosed 80" CD compilation w/ following bands: SELFISH, DESTYL, .TFT, SEX DEVIANTS, SPACE TO BEING, LYCANTHROPHY, UNDERFIRE, SOUKROMEY POZEMEK, MEHROT, 1000 LET OD RAJE, DEZINFEKCE, SHEEVA YOGA, INGROWING, NAPALMED, PAN DEMLA, SESTINOHA SUL, THEMA 11, EPIZODE, BOSWORTH, ANGRY FACES, LANDMINE SPRING, STILL STRONG, SKODA 120, THALIDOMIDE, GAUNERI, MOCOVÝ MECHYR, RUDE GUERILLA, PUNK FLOID, SCHWABACH, the FIALKY, DISHARMONICI, DELUSION, UNNECESSARITY, EASTERN STAR. What is strange and nice, that complete set is absolutely FREE. Send just something for postage to: Jan Kovář, P.O.Box 18, 463 31 Chrastava, CZECH REPUBLIC (write MYA at the left down corner of envelope).

  • 27.02.2004
    cover NOISEATTACK e-zine presents "Won't Give it and Won't fucking take it!" compilation CD-R with the following bands on it: MASHER, FORCA MACABRA, ROT, SCAB, CORNUCOPIA, SHIT-700, DEPRIVE, ROTTEN COLD, the KILL, SxAxMx, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, EXISTENCH, MELEE, EVIL APA, NAPALMED, HUMAN MASTICATION, FROM THE ASHES, DDO, JAPURA NOISE PROJECT and CATALEPSIS. So there are 20 bands with 47 crust, HC, grind and/or noise trax. Get your copy from: Joselito Sional, MCPO Box 3589, Makati 1275, PHILIPPINES.

  • 27.02.2004
    Some noise intros and sounds could be find on the self released pro-CD-R 'Sleep now in The Dark of Hell' of new band called OBERON. They are from Teplice/Czech republic and play 'metal terror', what is very old school thrash with a bit of death/black metal influence. They are look for the help and gigs, so simply contact Pavel and ask him.

  • cover Next co-release item of NAPALMED label is a brandnew recording of north-bohemian (Most town) crushing industry unit FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES. "Defy" is their third album, after "Hiromost" and "Blast!" albums. If we count mini "Biovirus" too, so it is their fourth compact disc at all. You could listen to 16 garage-grindcore trax w/HC, death metal, rockin', etc elements on the space of 27 minutes. Reserve your own copy for only 8.- US$/Euro at NAPALMED; CEPHALIC or PLAZZMA. Please, ask for nice distro prices and possible trades at all three contacts.

  • cover NAPALMED label co-released(?) debut album of ZDARR - free accoustic fusion band. Imagine yourself an excelent combination of superb melodic ideas, rockin' power, mixture of many styles from pub rock to ethnic. Two accordeons, saxes and percussions, combined with three vocals are the current line-up. CD packaged in extra paper box is available via NAPALMED distro for low price US$/Euro 8.- (inc. p+p) or trade.

  • Jirka Klomfar aka Šakal, NOISE MASTER fanzine leader and member of the RABIES band, made "Czech scene report" as a kind of contact list. I think it is a GREAT work, so you can download sample here too as a WORD 339kB or TEXT 85kB. Thanx and info > Sakal

  • Try a simple webpage, where you can see and download some photos of our 044th Live performance 31.05.2002 in Most/POEZIE cafe bar.

  • industrial_wheels Website made by Ota Mraz.

Radek Kopel, Lipova 1123, 434 01 Most, CZECH REPUBLIC
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