NAPALMED line-up

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We used drum section, two basses and voice in the beginning. All these instruments rank us among the noisecore types, what we didn't want. We have stopped to use them and now we "play" only/mainly many different materials, equipments, garbage, junks and things, people didn't need (as like metals, woods, glass, plastics, papers), prepared electronix, various microphones, tape deck, pedal effectors, drum module, mini disc, samples, turntable, etc... Band activity under name NAPALMED was stopped on january 2005, RadeK.K. continues the line as a solo project NPLMD, but in june 2006 band rises up and new era begins.

Současní členové:

foto Martin Bechyně:
barrelism, metal arsenal (NAPALMED: 06/06 - ?). Unwanted culture active. Hidden creativity, which soon will be presented. Communication in Czech only. ICQ: 34893532 , SKYPE: amimaty, WEB: 1 | 2 |

foto Radek Kopel:
sound creating and manipulations, voice (NAPALMED: `94 - 01/05, 06/06 - ?), no musical history too (except antimusical project as like ABUSUS MUSICUM [impromtu noise pop] or guest appearance in STEAM SYMPHONY [noise]). CD/vinyl collector. He loves all kinds of real and unreal sonic eruptions & ear terrorisms. Every true audio extrements are welcome, also old czech rock scene called 'bigbeat', free jazz, noise, improvisation, industrial, crust core, world music, brutal technical death metal, experimental, weird rock, power violence, minimal music, ethno, electro, etc... Uncommercial japanese artists of all times and styles wanted!

Ex-members list:

foto Martin Stejskal:
basss guitrra (ex-NAPALMED: 04/06 - 07, ex-FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES [grindcore], ex-RUSTY BLADE, ex-SILENT STORM, ex-?), metals.

foto Martin Beraxa:
metal junk sounds, drums, voice (ex-NAPALMED: `94 - 01/05); bass (ex-FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES [grindcore]); drums (w/KOZLOSTROJ [melodic rock], w/KREVEL [thrash metal], ex-I.MDH CENT-BENT [melodic rock/punk/pop], ex-FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES [grindcore], ex-ZDENĚK ŠALANDA [guitar-masturbation's metal], ex-TROJANKA [dance music], ex-MELODIE [dance music], ex-INKVIZITOR [heavy metal], ex-REAKTOR [heavy metal], ex-BABA JAGA [rock], ex-U.D.S. [bigbeat]). He is big music freak and listener of all sounds on the world, but he preffers czech music (bigbeat, jazz rock, jazz, swing, pop, ...). From foreign scene he loves electro, techno, rave, drum'n'bass, gabba, ambient, ... artists.

foto Petr Kopecky:
electronic and metal objects sounds (ex-NAPALMED: 11/99 - 01/05), antimusician, an unofficial member, friend & supporter until he became a member. He is leader of VIDEOMED sublabel. Big lover of all electro/techno/industrial sorts of musix, same as many others styles.

foto Miroslav Vlcek:
electronic and metal sounds (ex-NAPALMED: 11/99 - 04.01.2004, when he died). No music knowledge, very active in listening/consuming music (black & doom metal stuffs at first) since deep `80s.


Martin Holy:
electronic and metal garbage sounds, voice, bass (ex-NAPALMED: `94 - 11/99, 4/01 - 9/02), bass (ex-FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES [grindcore], ex-LUCRECIA [power metal], ex-SCAPEGOAT [deathrash metal], ex-MORTURY [death metal], ex-ABERNETHY [thrash metal], ex-EXPLOZE [bigbeat]).

foto Fanda Pacan:
ambient keyboard drones & soundscapes, metal rhythms (ex-NAPALMED: since 1/00 - 12/01); keyboards (w/OAZA [aggro-synth-pop-ambient-techno-melodies]).

foto Petr Beranek:
metal and electronic sounds, bass (ex-NAPALMED:`94 - 12/97); bass (w/KREVEL [thrash metal], ex-FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES [grindcore]).

Radek Kopel, Lipova 1123, 434 01 Most, CZECH REPUBLIC
napalmail ; napalweb